How to Create a Great Lead Magnet in 5 Steps

June 30, 2015 |

Provide a real solution, give real value, experience real abundance.I strongly believe if you provide a real solution, give real value, you will experience real abundance.

In the new age doing business is all about giving value.  Giving the best value you have ideally to your target audience.  Your target audience are those people you have identified as needing or wanting your services.

While the success of how you feel about who you work with comes down to who you target in your marketing. The success of getting more clients, those clients you really want to work with, comes down  to those you give the most value to.

So what do you give? You give them your best stuff always.  You will evolve and grow as an expert so don’t be afraid to share all of your tips and tricks.

Create a Great Lead Magnet in 5 Steps 

Step 1: Identify a problem you can solve.  What questions do your clients ask the most? What are they most curious about when it comes to your services?

Step 2: Create your lead magnet.  I like to call this your value piece, other’s like to call it an informational free offer (IFO), among many other names.  Now this is where most people get lost.  Not all value pieces are equal.  Not only do you want your lead magnet to be of value, you want it to position you as the expert at what you do. So this is how we do that.

Part 1: The introduction. Talk about the promise of what you deliver.  Paint the dream scenario for them.

Part 2: Your results. Share the very specific things that can happen for them, that happened to you or your clients.

Part 3. Share the challenges.  Share the problems people have when trying to find a solution for the problem you’ve identified.  Talk about how they don’t have a system, or the support they need.

Part 4: Give them the proof.  Share a few stories or testimonials that show off how amazing your services are.

Part 5: Share your story and your struggle to find the solution.  Share the journey and how it was for you before you know the solution.

Part 6: Share your story of success.  Tell the story of your search for the solution.  Talk about your training and the hard work you have put into find the solution. Tell them how you turned things around.

Part 7: Dispel the myths.  Take the common myths believed about your topic and show how they are untrue.

Part 8: Give them the solution.  This is about 50-60% of your value.  Teach them the solution step-by-step.

Part 9: Share a few tips for success.  Focus on these along the way.  Tell your audience how to succeed.

Part 10: Tell them what to do next.  Every good piece of value has a strong call to action.  Tell your audience what you want them to do next and make it easy for them to do.

This is the best way I have found to present your value in a manner that takes your audience through to the end of your value piece.  You can create an e-book, a video, an audio or a special report with this template.

Step 3: Name it.  Give your lead magnet a great catchy title.  A great place to look for inspiration is the top sellers in books on

Step 4: Edit, proof and finalize.  Put the final touches on the aesthetics of your lead magnet.  Use pictures to tell the story where suitable.

Step 5: Publish it. If it’s an e-book or special report, you will want to PDF the file and post it to your website so you can share the link for easy access to your readers, after they opt in.  If you created a video, you will want to create cover art and post it to YouTube or Vimeo.  If you created an audio you will want to post it to your website, or iTunes if you have a podcast.  When it comes to selecting a modality for your free value pieces you will want to create it in the form your clients will consume it.  So know what platform and modality they prefer.

I know with what I have given you here, you can take action confidently closing the gap between where you are to where you want to be. This is a little process I created and share in the Get Noticed Online Now Online Course and Coaching Program.  In the course I have the opportunity to go much deeper on the nuances of each step.

Now it’s your turn.  I’d like to hear what have you experienced with giving value? Is this something that comes easily for you or something that challenges you?

If you would like to receive more step-by-step action to take your business from one level to the next and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be, click here and Get Noticed delivered directly to your inbox.

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