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Carmen M. Perez
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Hey you, welcome I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Carmen M. Perez, and I am the Wellbeing Messenger.  I am an Author, Mentor, Speaker, and Teacher.  I help serviced-based businesses and entrepreneurs achieve success without sacrificing their health, wealth, and happiness.  I  teach them how to blend their personal and professional life so can do what they love, and enjoy more of those special moments that take their breath away.

Because of the lack of passion, purpose and play I experienced  and share with millions of others who suffer from the stress of success,  I not only share with my clients what they can do to FEEL more of the successes they have achieved, I teach them step-by-step, how to do it, so they can be of service, share their message in a BIGGER way and achieve the financial abundance they deserve while living a life they love.

I speak on and teach on entrepreneurship, online marketing, and effective productivity. Learn more here.

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Imagine a calendar filled with appointments with clients you love working with. Knowing exactly what to do each day to keep your personal and professional life moving forward. An abundant bank account that gives you the freedom to be of service without worrying about how you are going to pay your bills.

It doesn’t have to be a dream. Let me be of service… 

I work diligently to make life more effortless.  Not just for me but for everyone I touch.  Sometimes things are difficult for no reason at all.  After years of searching, learning, creating, tweaking and testing strategies, I’ve cracked the code to creating a successful service-based business, and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

If you want to:

  • Articulate your business message and purpose in a way that gets people interested in you and the services you offer.
  • Build and engage on the right social media platform for you (HINT: It’s not all of them)
  • Create and integrate a magnetic personal and business brand that tells the world who you are and what you stand for.
  • Build a list filled with qualified prospects in a way that you enjoy and feels good for your personality type.
  • Create and engage raving fans so you do not compete on price and your amazing services stand apart in a saturated market.
  • Build a lucrative service-based business by sharing your passions, personality, and purpose in a bigger way so you can create more meaning and abundance in your business.
  • Market to your Ideal Client so when they speak to you, they are already sold on your services.

If you want to grow your service-based business online, then let’s talk.  Click the button below to set up a FREE Get To Know You Consultation with me to explore how you can grow your business faster and with more ease. Below you will see a few of my programs.  Be sure to check out our e-course and e-books too.

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